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Ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers selling, free sample is in a 'magnet'

by:Newland     2020-05-09
Ndfeb strong magnet is one of the permanent magnets, it coercive force, magnetic energy product and remanent magnetization are biggest magnet has a great advantage than others. N35, for example, it the coercive force of 868 or higher, the maximum magnetic energy product, remanent magnetism of up to 122 287. And powerful magnet ndfeb magnetic stability is very good, light weight, and the mechanical properties of the ndfeb strong magnet is better than other magnets, easier to cutting and drilling and complex shape processing, so its application range is very wide, military, medical equipment, common bluetooth headset, printer is the figure of it. We mainly in the production of sintered ndfeb strong magnet, magnet coercive force this process would be higher, stronger magnetic energy product, simply is the magnetic force is stronger. But it is important to note when keep magnets, magnets and iron must be isolated, otherwise accident may occur. Second, pay attention to the working temperature, avoid high temperature cause magnet demagnetization. Three is hard but brittle ndfeb strong magnet material, magnetic field is strong, only to light. Dongguan we in line with take the customer as the main service object, don't let a little details, to do better. If you want to know more, can choose the following way.
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