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Ndfeb strong magnet magnetic strengthen _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-04
Two ways to strengthen the commonly used magnetic ndfeb strong magnet is currently in a piece of magnetic products, many people put different types of magnetic products are collectively referred to as the magnet. Here I simply say how to strengthen ndfeb strong magnet magnetic force? Strengthen powerful magnet ndfeb strong magnet magnetic commonly used two ways from both sides, size and material size aspects: if the contact area is large, the thickness of the thin, so increasing the thickness of the magnet will has a great effect on the increase of magnetic. If the contact area is lesser, the thickness of the thicker, then increase the contact area of the magnet for magnetic force change will be very direct. Will tell from the powerful magnet material, strong ndfeb magnetic on the material will be a lot of material level. If material used is not the best, and from the space, can't change the size of the magnet, you can try to change the magnet material level.
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