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Ndfeb strong magnet is how to produce?

by:Newland     2020-03-18
Maybe you are doubt, ndfeb strong magnet is how to produce? Produce ndfeb magnets need to use what machine? Processing equipment? Production of a batch of ndfeb need how long the production time? Magnet manufacturer card Ricky below small make up are introduced one by one to you. Ndfeb magnet production? Ndfeb strong magnet production is mainly relying on biopsy machine processing and production. Ndfeb strong magnet MAO embryo material to buy back, and then according to the requirements of each customer's size for processing production, however, ndfeb strong magnet is relatively simple and single production and processing equipment, production and processing of ndfeb strong magnet slicing machine is working only one knife knife slowly cutting, cutting and a size is complete, also need to start sticking material recomposition cutting, which makes the production efficiency of ndfeb strong magnet was badly damaged. After years of groping, ndfeb strong magnet production slicer improved many times, more than the successful development of cutting slice machine both impact the production efficiency and tremendous improvements are from the process, before every cutting it a size needs to be sticky material cutting, recomposition and more wire-cutting avoids this problem from happening. Multiple wire slicing machine than ordinary slicer to distinguish? Two samples of vertical stop bit ( Up, down) Five slices modes: single, continuous, step by step, half knife, programming. Slicing speed according to automatically adjust the slice thickness, repair piece of functionality can be closed. In the automatic state, the parameter automatic adjustment of the blocks and manual mode, fix the block parameters can be programmed decision. Slice thickness and thickness of the repair piece can independently choose and storage. Visual signal and sound signal sampling forward backward limit and the rest of the sample from slicing machine is sliced thin and uniform tissue piece of machinery, organizational support by hard cast iron or cast iron, every slice by slice thickness scheduler automatically forward ( To the direction of the knife) Push the distance required to implement control the size precision of ndfeb strong magnet, thick scheduler gradient is usually 1 micron. Sliced paraffin embedding of tissues, with a slice of wax before side adhesive, and made into slices of slice. Manufacturing process: the summary of manufacturing process by powder metallurgy process: the ingredients - melting tableting - milling to molding, sintering and tempering magnetic detection to grinding to pin cutting processing, electroplating, finished product. Finished cutting to be plating product process: picking - - - - - - - Size - - - - - - - Cutting - - - - - - - Inspection - black - - - - - - Cooking - - - - - - - Receiving - - - - - - - Polishing - - - - - - - Electroplating - - - - - - - Inspection - white - - - - - - The finished product. Ndfeb production how long will it take? Normal wafers need 7 - magnet Ten days, wafer need 12 - punching 15 days, a square because to 3 cutter to forming, are 10 - 12 days. So dear friends don't try so hard. The above is about the summary of processing equipment and processing time correlation, starting in February 2016, changes in March 2019. Guess you attention related magnet production technology articles; Magnet production technology outside circular grinding is introduced the commonly used three kinds of ndfeb magnet production technology is introduced
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