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Ndfeb strong magnet driving the development of magnetic field

by:Newland     2020-04-17
Ndfeb strong magnet is the magnetic field, current, stress and strain, temperature, light, making active components such as magnetic function changes into electrical signals, in this way to view the corresponding physical quantities of devices. Its characteristic is to non-contact measurement, the signal is not affected by the influence of the measured object, resistant to pollution, the noise is strong, even under very bad environmental conditions can work reliably and durable, long service life. Because of this, from the defense and aerospace to various sectors of national economy, from health care to different aspects of human normal life, are used to this kind of sensor. Ndfeb strong magnet is usually assembled inside the machine, the equipment to use. Modern machine is agile to small concise, utility, intelligent direction development, pleaded with the sensor used even quantity changes within the small space can also be high bright degree, make care at high speed. Namely in the sensor itself need with small, lightweight, also eager to advance its working speed, check the resolution and loose degree. Semiconductor big plan of integrated circuit manufacturing technology, micro-electronic mechanical system ( MEMS) Manufacturing technology, the implementation of the micro assembly technology is applied, the magnetic thin film, amorphous, multi-layer film, new material such as magnetic nanowires flat surface coil manufacturing technology and characterization method of micro magnetic device ceaselessly, for miniaturization, micromation of ndfeb strong magnet laid the foundation of reliability, using various new effect of many new high utility, miniaturization and micromation of ndfeb strong magnet is cast into the mall. Early listing of AMR film loose components and sensors, and practical application of the thin-film flux-gate magnetometer, wireless micro sensor array, is the typical representative of meantime. Below, briefly introduced the working principle of several kinds of micro ndfeb strong magnet, foundation structure and the primary technical function. Rich and strong magnetic industry science and technology development and using of new ndfeb strong magnet, has created the infinite economic, technology and social benefits, and industrial automation, process intensification, immediately office automation and the modernization of family life, and steps of industrial society to information society change immediately. Reform in traditional industries, exploration and comprehensive utilization of resources, environmental protection, biological engineering, intelligent traffic control and other aspects, they will show more and more leading role.
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