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Ndfeb strong magnet demagnetization? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-29
Will iron boron magnet demagnetization? Ndfeb magnet is a permanent magnet, that is to say, in the case of external magnetic field to evacuate, still keep its magnetic properties. There are two main influence the magnetic. First: environmental ndfeb magnets containing rare earth metal neodymium, its easy to oxidation. So need to electroplating processing of magnets, depending on the use environment for plating. The best plating nickel, copper and nickel, is three layer coating: nickel - Copper - Nickel. The coating of 5 - respectively 5 - 5 microns. Particularly bad environment can upset the coating, and salt spray test. Can do 24 - respectively 48 - 72 hours salt spray test. The second: working temperature corresponding brand have corresponding working temperature. NM brand of ndfeb, for example, its working temperature at 100 ℃, within more than working temperature it will begin to demagnetization, Curie temperature when its working temperature reaches 340 ℃, the magnetic will be completely lost. In the corresponding material used in the case of not achieve the operating temperature limit not demagnetization phenomenon. The following cases, ndfeb magnet is likely demagnetization: 1. The highest working temperature of different type of ndfeb magnet is not the same, 80 - 220° C, more than the above temperature will demagnetization. 2. Belongs to rare earth permanent magnet ndfeb, one of the rare earth metal neodymium quite lively, easy oxidation, surface ndfeb magnet is usually need the plating anticorrosive processing, due to the use of the environment as well as the time goes on, different plating once damaged, ndfeb magnet is easily oxidized demagnetization. 3. When the magnet after impact, is also likely to lead to demagnetization. Above about content is about the interpretation of will ndfeb strong magnet demagnetization, as well as the ndfeb strong magnet demagnetization what circumstance easily.
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