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Ndfeb strong magnet demagnetization method best _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-28
How to return a strong ndfeb magnet magnetic? A small number of customers have asked this question, ndfeb strong magnetic magnet manufacturer today and everybody said. Ndfeb application widely, always meet all kinds of problems, such as ndfeb magnetization of how? Ndfeb strong magnet highest working temperature is how many? Summary of surface treatment and so on a series of problems, and today we are going to have a friend is concerned about how strong ndfeb magnetic degaussing effect is good? 1, using pulse demagnetization machine to demagnetization can achieve a certain effect, but it can't be totally demagnetization. In addition to the magnetization, the magnetization effect are likely to loss, is about the magnetization of the neutral about 99%, the thermal demagnetization, effect is good! 2, also can be heated to 150 ℃ by magnet, again through the demagnetizing pulse demagnetization machine, the effect may be used.
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