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Ndfeb strong magnet and magnet related features _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-31
Magnets choice according to the features of iron by the magnet. If press atom current explanation is the magnetization of the magnetic field of current attacks another object, magnetized object electric field, electric field interact with each other the role of the attack force. Material is mostly made up of molecules and molecules are composed of atoms, atom is made up of nuclei and electrons. From inside the atom, the electronic constant rotation, and rotate around the nucleus. Electronic magnetic both movement of attack. But in most materials, electronic movement in the direction of each are not identical, at sixes and sevens, magnetic offset each other. Thus, most of the material under normal circumstances, it doesn't appear magnetism. The ends of the electromagnet and the boron RuTie powerful magnet magnetic strongest. The magnet magnetic size can change. The direction of the electromagnet can be changed. Solenoid magnetic force can be controlled. In 1822, French physicist arago and lu he found that when a current flows through with iron winding, it can make the iron magnetization in the winding. This is actually the beginning of electromagnet principle. 1823, sturgeon also conducted a similar experiment: he not is the u-shaped magnet stick in a piece of iron rod on 18 circle around the copper bare wire, copper wire and voltaic cell when switched on, around the u-shaped iron bars on the copper coils that attack with magnetic field, so it make U become a piece of iron bar & other; Electromagnet & throughout; 。 The electromagnet on the magnetic energy to many times larger than RuTie boron powerful magnets, it can suck up 20 times heavier than its iron, when the power cut off, it is what U iron bars iron also does not suck, from a normal iron bar. Now the most widely used is still ndfeb strong magnet and ferrite magnets. Now permanent magnet ferrite magnet is still dosage the biggest, but the ndfeb magnet production has exceeded ferrite magnet material, produce ndfeb magnet has launched into a big industry. Magnetic size for ndfeb magnets, samarium cobalt magnet, alnico magnets, ferrite magnets. Magnet manufacture craft process ndfeb magnets, samarium cobalt magnet, alnico magnets, ferrite magnet technology is also different. Tell from technology, sintered ndfeb magnets and adhesive ndfeb magnets, we mainly speak of sintered ndfeb magnet. Process ingredients & rarr; Ingot smelting system & rarr; Milling & rarr; Molding & rarr; Sintering tempering & rarr; Magnetic view & rarr; Grinding & rarr; Pin cutting processing & rarr; Electroplating & rarr; The finished product. Meantime ingredients is a foundation, sintering tempering is the key ndfeb magnet produces: there was melting furnace, a broken machine, ball mill, jet mill, limit forming machine, vacuum packaging machine, such as static pressure machine, sintering furnace, vacuum heat treatment furnace, magnetic tester, gauss meter. Ndfeb magnet processing things have special slicing machine, cutting machine, flat grinding machine, double-sided machine, punching machine, chamfering machine, electroplating equipment.
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