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Ndfeb sintered magnet coercive force ( Hcb) What factors related _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-04
Nd- Fe- B sintered magnet coercive force of Hcb neither may be larger than the size of the residual magnetism the absolute value of Br, also could not be greater than the intrinsic coercive force Hcj, so for high intrinsic coercive force Hcj magnets, Hcb depends mainly on remanence Br; For the intrinsic coercive force Hcj lower magnet, Hcb depending on Hcj. Due to the Nd - Fe- B intrinsic coercive force of sintered magnet Hcj temperature coefficient is larger, with temperature rise, Hcj reduce very quickly, so often used in high temperature need to have a higher intrinsic coercive force magnets Hcj.     Internal magnet macro magnetic pole strength J is magnet magnetic domain vector and magnetic pole strength, all the macroscopic magnetic behavior associated with the magnetic domain structure of the magnet. Both theory and practice show that the Nd - Fe- B in the process of the sintered magnet demagnetization, magnetic pole strength J changes completely depend on the condition of the magnet within reverse magnetic domain. If the inside of the each main crystal phase in the process of demagnetization reverse reverse magnetic domain and magnetic domain is not formed at the same time, easy to generate, J Hk/Hcj square degrees of demagnetization curve is very poor. From the perspective of the microscopic structure of the magnetic body, the main phase of magnets grain size is small, the size distribution more uniform, the higher the orientation degree, grain size and grain dispersion between the magnetic field is smaller, so that each grain within reverse the greater the difficulty of the magnetic domain, the less likely, square degrees of Hk/Hcj J demagnetization curve, the better. Therefore, Nd - Fe- B of sintered magnet demagnetization curve is an organization that pure sensitive parameters, it is mainly decided by the main phase of magnets orientation degree, grain size uniformity.   The Nd - Fe- B of sintered magnet demagnetization curve B and J demagnetization curve, any point should meet ( 1 - 1) Type. Therefore, J demagnetization curve of square degrees of Hk/Hcj and demagnetization curve of square B is interrelated. Impact J demagnetization curve square degrees of Hk/Hcj factors, can affect the demagnetization curve B square degrees & mu; 建议。
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