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Ndfeb permanent magnet materials production process impurities removal method _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-31
Ndfeb permanent magnet material in forming the impurities in the process of how to produce? Summary of basic in the machining process are in vacuum environment, the impurity is not so easy to mix into, into the impurity oxygen is usually metal oxidation, so there's a hydrogenation process, main is to oxygen. Other impurities can be sintered mould of the above, cobalt, chromium, metal. Ndfeb of sintering, the sintering stage, in addition to sinter feed box into the impurities, and a comparison is mainly in high temperature stage ( The general is above 400 ℃) By the material itself comes out some of the organic matter ( Such as: in flour add antioxidant, ZnSt, etc. ) Ndfeb permanent magnet material how to remove the impurities in the finished product? For general requirements is not high low-grade permanent magnetic material, the process before the previous is: alkaline degreasing - Water - Pickling - Water - Surface activation - Electroplating. This process is simple, but it is the requirement of degreasing agent is higher, need to use the ndfeb dedicated to oil degreasing agent, can go to the oil degreasing agent formula is complex, the need variety of raw materials, user preparation process is very troublesome. Since the advent of industrial production of high-power ultrasonic cleaning machine, these problems are solved one by one. Ultrasonic cleaning advantaged cavitation effect can make the residual alkali, acid in the permanent magnetic material microporous get better clear! The above content from ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers finishing editing network the Internet.
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