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Ndfeb need a heating curing adhesive glue _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-05
Summary of adhesive glue need heat curing, high toughness steel structure rubber product features & ensp; Grind Thai brand high toughness steel structural adhesive for high performance of modified acrylate adhesive, small wire drawing, acid, high strength, impact resistance, weather resistance, can be in normal temperature ( 25℃) Temperature can be rapidly solidification, the adhesive material is very broad, and many other features.   Second, the high toughness steel structural adhesive application & ensp; As for the glue material is very broad, metals ( Steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy) , plastic ( ABS, PVC, organic glass, plastic, polystyrene) , wood, porcelain, marble, artificial stone, glass, magnetic material such as glue same or dissimilar;   The product is mainly suitable for the speaker T iron, magnets, washers, summary of adhesive.     Three, high toughness steel structure adhesive technology parameters, high toughness, magnetic steel structural adhesive technology parameter type viscosity ( CPS) Glue can fuck for curing time cut cut strong resistance to temperature protect quality issue package installed gauge colloid color ( 25℃) Case ( 25℃) Ratio (between 25℃) ( 25℃) Degrees ( Mpa) ( ℃) A: at the beginning of solid 5 kg/TA group A: green 3 - 6min - To 2300-60 4000 - 881 b: 1:1 & lt; 5min≥ 20 + 100 6 months cured 50 kg/group B: purple 24 h - 2300 The proportion of 4000 ( g/cm3,20 ℃) 答:1。 01 ± 0. 02 B: 1。 01 ± 0. 02 four, high toughness steel structural adhesive using method & ensp; First clean glued on the surface of the material moisture, dust, grease, rust stain and other dirt, with manual operation, the repetition will glue A and B glue coating on A surface, then mix, if appropriate, then both sides mutual joint, joint can rotate as far as possible when mixed. If the automatic mixed gluing equipment sizing, then the effect is much better. Temperature below 20 ℃, the adhesive glue after an initial curing time will be extended, by baking at this time, The appropriate temperature 45 ℃ - 55 ℃ range), Methods to accelerate the curing, the test time is 24 hours after sizing. ( Room temperature 25 ℃ - 35 ℃) Parameters: 138. 272. 48. 571   Five, the high toughness steel structural adhesive note & ensp; ★  Workplace keep ventilated, avoid contact with children.   ★  When operating, please take insulated gloves. If touching the skin or eyes, rinse with water immediately or go to a doctor.   ★  Is not used when you are the two rubber mixing.   ★  Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place and away from heat.   ★  When user batch use, please do test first. To avoid improper operation and influence of adhesive effect.
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