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Ndfeb N52 brand magnets have any requirement on shape? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-06
Provide ndfeb N52 brand consulting this site there are a lot of customer service, customer service, are there any requirements for the shape of the magnet? Here is to understand the n52 magnets together. There is no requirement of n52 on the shape of the magnet. Shape can be round, wafer, cylindrical, circle, sink holes, tile shape, a square or abnormity, etc. , according to the customer's specific requirements. Small make up contact N52 magnets in the main wafer, special-shaped more. We can design according to your requirements for surface processing custom shape specifications, there is a requirement for heat-resistant tell us need how many degrees (resistance N52 conventional heat-resistant 80 degrees) , we for you to choose the right material for you to save costs, aliens, providing convenience for drawing the best division I nuclear price!
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