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Ndfeb manufacturers will teach you how to choose the right magnets plating

by:Newland     2020-05-01
Ndfeb magnets used more and more widely, but many just contact the magnet customers don't know how to choose the right magnets plating, ndfeb manufacturers recommend that you should be according to need not use the environment to choose the appropriate coating. Most of the coating on the market, one kind is galvanized, one kind is nickel plating, the two kinds of coating is the most common and practical coating market, because in front of the reference that the two coating effect on magnetic properties is the smallest. Ndfeb manufacturers and another suggestion is that the price factors, price order as: zinc < NI < < epoxy resin polymer coating, under the influence of market economy, many products are in compression production costs in order to get price advantage in the market, ndfeb manufacturers generally in the case of no impact on the performance of magnetic, we recommend use galvanized iron and nickel plated, the most practical and cause them to become the market mainstream of coating, the coating actually this province is not good or bad, just want to choose a suitable coating is the best way to achieve the desired effect. Finally we to study the galvanized and nickel plating coating quality, the different ndfeb manufacturers coating is not the same, the main reason is the length of the chamfering and plating time, under the condition of without knowing the magnet electroplating, we should how to distinguish the plating quality? Manufacturer of ndfeb is a most simple and quick way is to see coating, the coating quality is better, the brighter the said so in choosing a magnet order, try to choose the industry more awareness of enterprises in order to assure the quality of the coating.
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