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Ndfeb manufacturers tell you ndfeb single magnet structure principle is what?

by:Newland     2020-05-05
Ndfeb manufacturers of ndfeb magnet refers to a single magnetic, on the other side of weak magnetic magnet, ndfeb manufacturers general method is to use special processing of galvanized sheet will double the magnet one side of the package, so wrapped side will be magnetic shielding, magnetic force is shifted to the other side, the other side magnetism will increase. If some places need only one side of magnetic, can cause damage or interfere with the other side, such as magnetic; On some occasions, such as packaging need only one side of magnetic magnet, dispensable, on the other side of magnetic is useless, so using a single magnetic will greatly reduce the cost and save magnetic materials. Single magnet magnetic reflection as the satellite pot signal refraction or flashlight lamp to light refraction, the refraction effect is mainly decided by the following three aspects: 1, the manufacturer of ndfeb material selection and thickness, and the magnet and the spacing of materials have a close relationship. Pure iron easy leakage, refraction increased after special treatment, but 100% of shielding materials haven't worked out, but different factory has the different effect. 2, Angle: according to the principle of refraction, arc material effect is best, right Angle refraction material loss is bigger. 3. Space: the lines of magnetic force in the air like a mobile phone signal, it is necessary to have a space to reflect. Flashlight lamp on the pot as completely wrapped in lamp, the use effect is not good, because a large number of light refraction are loss. Principle of how to use the above, the effect of magnetic strengthen the best, is a lot of parameters between the optimal problem, a lot of ndfeb manufacturers are also repeated experiments, such as single magnetic processing ideal results to increase 50%. This will greatly reduce the production cost in the areas of packaging bags and magnetic materials.
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