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Ndfeb manufacturers remind you: the operation is powerful magnets need to notice!

by:Newland     2020-05-07
Ndfeb manufacturers remind you: operating know-how in powerful magnets, powerful magnets is very fragile, improper operation may result in magnets collision, produce risk. Before dealing with a magnet, please read these instructions, we are very afraid of dealing with your personal injury due to the magnet or damage. For fracture under the magnet images: operating powerful magnets need to note: 1, the installation of cardiac pacemaker and other medical equipment or electronic medical apparatus and instruments must be far away from the magnet; 2, accidentally swallowed magnets, one could endanger people's life and health security; 3, because if swallowed magnets stay in the body, may need to laparotomy, one thousand if swallow, please immediately go to a doctor diagnoses, please obey instructions given by the doctor. 4, do not use a magnet where children can touch, because children without supervision to have swallowed magnets may; 5, magnets and sorbate approached, possible task of children's face and the skin; About ndfeb manufacturers processing key points: 1, hard and brittle magnet, so in for special occasions such as vibration, shock, there may be a fracture, fall off wait for a phenomenon. If use similar purposes, please note that when the design even magnet fracture does not fall off. 2, do not place the magnet, along with the change of the magnet adsorption of metal materials around. 3, please don't let the magnet near tube, doing that can lead to tube. 4, please don't put the mobile phone, simulation table, floppy disks, magnetic CARDS, tapes, ticket near a magnet, is likely to affect or even destroy the recorded data. 5, if you want to separate the magnets, please fetch the sliding toward a different direction. Compared to other methods, can its separation with weak strength.
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