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Ndfeb manufacturers now produce cars, robot high-performance magnets, become our profit growth point

by:Newland     2020-05-08
Concentration, as the global capacity to domestic as well as domestic ndfeb production enterprise resource integration, industry product structure obviously improved, continue to maintain rapid growth in demand, growth pole shift from traditional fields to emerging areas, the summary of output in China accounted for is close to 90% of global production. In recent years, the domestic several ndfeb magnet manufacturers for the magnetic material business and integrate the upstream and downstream industry fundamentals continue to improve, profit differentiation expansion and product structure adjustment, guide enterprises to accelerate the industry chain downstream of the different pattern of market competition and the profit level - a significant differentiation - - - - - - Traditional field scene is difficult to continue, wind power market recovery endurance is limited, motor vehicle and industrial high efficiency and energy saving motor become have high profit margins and high growth rate of blue ocean areas. Along with the rapid development of new energy vehicles and the industrial robot, to be the ndfeb magnet manufacturers ndfeb demand growth of the main driving force. And car motor and robots to product performance and high accuracy, product certification cycle long and relatively stable supply relationship, downstream enterprise preference for the sake of protection of product design have stable supply capacity of magnetic material suppliers. So first to enter the robot and enterprise in the field of new energy vehicles can enjoy more by the dividends of demand growth.
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