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Ndfeb manufacturers is how to judge the quality of ndfeb magnet?

by:Newland     2020-05-05
For nearly 30 years the extensive development of magnet products, ndfeb magnet, as a kind of new and high technology products widely used in various industries, especially the maglev industry, electronic digital products and other facilities. In the 30 years, there have been many different brands, consumers on how to judge the quality of the ndfeb magnet is full of confusion. Evaluating ndfeb magnets, ndfeb manufacturers tell you should from the magnet performance, the size of the magnets, magnet plating these three aspects to consider. 1, ndfeb manufacturers for raw materials of production control to ensure that the magnet performance ndfeb manufacturers use raw material should be considered first in compliance with national standards, the second should consider ndfeb magnet manufacturers of advanced production technology, is currently the most advanced technology scales ingot casting technology, hydrogen crushing technology and airflow grinding technology, then you should consider to whether to adopt two pressing molding in, it is also a characteristic of ndfeb magnet production in our country, the last is to produce quality monitoring, in the process of using the PFM can effectively detect, see the magnet parameters can choose you need models the ndfeb magnet. 2 ndfeb magnets, ndfeb manufacturers processing power to ensure the magnet size shape, all kinds of different shape of ndfeb magnet has no size. General production when it is difficult to a molding, go through cutting production working procedure, etc. A high quality magnets size also has a great influence, and the size of the magnet is depends on the processing power of the factory. Because only in this way can continuously meet customer demand at the same time, also save manpower material resources, so as to make the enterprise more competitive. 3, ndfeb manufacturers plating quality decided the magnet life no magnets plating magnet in 51 ℃ 150 ℃ in air there will be 20 - 30 years of life, must be conducted in the surface coating processing. Existing technology is generally on the magnet surface coated with a layer of isolation materials, to prevent foreign materials corrosion magnets. Now general is the use of chemicals such as nickel and copper to isolation, but in some special cases should be used to the phosphating means to deal with. Customer should work according to the product requirements to select the plating process. Above all, to judge the quality of ndfeb magnets, should understand their production processes, and to fully understand the performance, size, coating, etc.
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