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Ndfeb manufacturers how to calculate the weight of the square magnet?

by:Newland     2020-05-06
In domestic most of ndfeb magnets do export products, export, then doing express transportation, price calculation, we always have a question that how to calculate the weight of the square magnet? Square magnet weight with square size and density of ndfeb magnet, there is a close relationship. Calculation formula of ndfeb manufacturers: * = square square magnet weight volume density of ndfeb magnet volume: the volume of a cube is fixed, is three level multiplication ndfeb magnet density: 7. 5 g/cm after example: N3530mm * 15 mm * 6 mm square magnet volume: 30 * 15 * 6 density: 7. 5 g/cm after weight = 30 * 15 * 6 * 0. 0075 = 20. 25克( G) The size of the ndfeb magnet mm in general ( 毫米) As the unit. Can be calculated directly set on the formula. If it is cm ( cm) Need to transform. 1厘米= 10毫米。 。
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