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Ndfeb manufacturers answer what are the factors affect the magnet magnetic force?

by:Newland     2020-05-07
Shenzhen star gen ndfeb magnetic industry manufacturer to declare the three major factors that affect the magnet magnetic: a, temperature: because ndfeb magnet type (manufacturer For example, ferrite magnets, ndfeb magnet, adhesive ndfeb, aluminum nickel and cobalt, cobalt unlined upper garment, iron chromium cobalt, injection ferrite, etc. ) And material have dozens of each, there are corresponding to the temperature limit. In general. Products in use process, the limit temperature, below the magnet will not have the phenomenon of demagnetization. ( For example: outer brushless motor with highest temperature in the 80 - 100 degrees, in guarantee the demagnetization will not exceed 5% of the time, 120 degrees tend to choose the magnet material. Of course this is for the material of ndfeb magnet. ) So magnet demagnetization and life not back, look completely use the product temperature and magnet and heat-resistant material selection. Second, the existence of the alternating magnetic field: understands the magnet knows, magnet N, S pole or multipolar. If you have any additional magnetic field around the use of magnet, magnetic will offset part of the magnet. This is what people call in the use of temperature within the scope of demagnetization. Three, mechanical shock: this is associated with assembly has certain, magnet friction to the product in the assembly process, because the magnet material feature is fragile, cause body wear, size smaller. Thus magnets will slowly weaken. So when choosing magnet and product design, please send the above three points to consider in it. Like and don't know, can direct and shenzhen star gen ndfeb magnetic industry manufacturers contact, we will have someone answer, tel: 0755 - 25989963/13534236387.
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