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Ndfeb manufacturers about magnets plating why fall off?

by:Newland     2020-05-01
Magnet ndfeb manufacturers ingredients with boron and boron will react with zinc plating, plating so fall off, if you want to plating is best cold galvanizing. Magnet of boron and zinc can produce chemical reaction, no matter how you package plating after a long time will fall off. Into the essence of the original. Cold electroplating after a long time is take off a bit by bit, if it is hot plating is to take off the piece. The research, magnets manufacturer to do a lot of experiments. On some ndfeb manufacturers in the industry powerful magnet corrosion mechanism and corrosion protection measures have done a lot of work, storage conditions, the results found that to make the magnet demagnetization, not a long time storage and use pulverization fall off is still a tricky thing, a lot of manufacturers, using has a long way to go, do a lot of detailed research. Ndfeb magnet surface to do anti-corrosion treatment of manufacturer, to dry anaerobic storage preservation, don't touch water, corrosive gases. Of special note is, some even adopted coating, but due to the plating process is not reasonable, degreasing derusting before plating with the unreasonable strong acid, strong alkali, hydrolysis of H + ions in a conventional plating solution in the low efficiency of cathode in conjunction with the coating ion deposition, electroplating after magnets easy peeling, pulverization, instead it is on the domestic most of the magnet. Thermal aging will demagnetization, long storage time, 1 to 5 years) A lot of magnet will be peeling and demagnetization. To put an end to peeling, fall off, it is best to electroplating process of aqueous solution or high current efficiency of plating and other special plating process. But for the cost would be greatly increased, and these are all about the focus of the powerful magnets plating.
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