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Ndfeb manufacturer to discuss different magnet for speakers ( The headset) The influence of sound quality

by:Newland     2020-05-01
Magnet type 1, ndfeb magnet, ndfeb material ( Rare earth) And nickel and cobalt and other rare materials through high heat sintering neodymium after plating. Its performance is far better than iron oxide magnets. On the horn at present in most of the magnets. At the same volume magnetic intensity than normal iron oxide magnetic intensity more than 10 times. Its characteristic: the equivalent magnetic flux under its small volume, big power, wide frequency range and the HiFi headphones basically with the magnets. Disadvantages: the rare earth is widely used in high-tech fields ( Military, electronics, etc. ) Dosage, but in recent years the government control is very strict, now prices soared. 2 magnet alloy, alloy magnets: also known as magnetic, aluminum nickel and cobalt from aluminum, nickel, cobalt, iron, and magnetic materials 600 ℃ in casting and sintering. Alnico magnetic than iron oxide, cobalt is scarce. Alnico magnetic horn is the first to use magnets, such as the trumpet loudspeaker (50 s and 60 s Everybody called loudspeakers) 。 Generally made from magnetic type horn ( Magnetic type is also available) 。 Disadvantages: power is also small, frequency range is narrow, is hard but brittle, processing is not very convenient, need grinding or edm. Three iron oxide, iron oxide magnet magnet ( Commonly known as: iron oxide) : the magnetic material powder and iron powder is around 1200 ℃ sintering. General ndfeb manufacturers made magnetic type horn, cheaper price, the high performance price ratio. Disadvantages: large size, smaller power, narrow frequency range. Second, the magnet in the horn ( The headset) The influence of sound quality ( Refers to the magnet compared to volume, homophones cases) : 1) Better magnet material, magnetic flux density B is, the greater the effect on the sound film of thrust is stronger also. 2) The magnetic flux density B, the greater the power is, the bigger the SPL (sound pressure level Sensitivity) The higher the relative also. Headphones: sensitivity to headphones enter 1 mw, 1 KHZ sine wave, the headset can emit sound pressure level ( Sound pressure unit is the dB, the greater the pressure the greater the volume) The smaller, so generally the higher the sensitivity, the impedance, headphones, the more likely it is to make a sound. 3) The magnetic flux density B, the greater the horn total quality factor Q value is relatively low. 4) The greater the magnetic flux density B, transient, the better. The quality of magnets on the horn is one of the important factors affecting quality stand or fall. Shenzhen star create magnetic industry company, the company focused on magnetic materials & amp; Components manufacturing and solutions. Reasonable price, reliable quality, punctual delivery, can processing production ndfeb magnet circle, square, tile shape, countersunk head hole, hole, grinding arc, steps, reducer, tapered, ladder shaped, bread shaped magnets. Welcome new old friend calls advisory negotiate and guidance! Contact phone number: 13534236387 miss zhang WWW. abm - 磁学。 cn
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