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Ndfeb mainly used _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-02
Ndfeb magnets can be widely used in motor, engine, voice coil motor, magnetic resonance imaging, communications, control, instrumentation, audio equipment, etc. Electroacoustic music accounted for 32%, magnetizing apparatus (21%), motor and sensor (31%), magnetic coupling and magnetic separator is occupied 9%, accounted for 5% of voice coil motor and electric meter, the other is 2%. It is the most important application field of VCM ( Voice coil motor) , currently about half of foreign production of sintered ndfeb magnet for VCM. Area is in addition to the VCM, is widely applied electric motors and generators, with the development of automobile industry, the demand for ndfeb magnets in this field would be a big growth. Market potential big, rare earth permanent magnet motor is a huge field of domestic has not been fully developed. Currently about 2 million kW, rare earth permanent magnet motor is equivalent to the total capacity of all kinds of motor only 400 million kW of 0. 5%. If use rare earth high efficiency motor to replace the old J - JO and J2 JO2 series motors are of 50%, or 100 million kW, about high performance sintered ndfeb magnet 50000 tons. Use efficient rare earth permanent magnet motor can energy saving 15% ~ 20%, reduce the motor weight more than 20%. Efficient rare earth permanent magnet motor has been listed as a Ministry of Science and Technology & quot; Rare earth application engineering & quot; Key projects & ensp; Bonded ndfeb permanent magnet material production and application development of late, application, dosage is small, it is mainly used for office automation equipment, electric machinery, audio-visual equipment, instruments and meters, small motor, and measurement of mechanical aspects. In recent years, our country of the bonded ndfeb permanent magnet materials application: computer (62%), electronics (7%), office automation equipment (8%), cars (7%), equipment accounted for 7%, other 9%.
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