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Ndfeb magnets to create the smallest charger

by:Newland     2020-05-03
According to star and know, ndfeb magnets are gradually changing our life and bring many convenience to our life, has a development team from London Design on impulse moisturiser launched a billed as the world's smallest cell phone charger, and use the section 2 battery to charge their phone. Nipper emergency charger volume is very small, it is a small square, 17 x17mm contains three ndfeb magnets, coupled with a woven band, is the world's smallest phone charger. Use is very simple, open the Nipper, mount 2 section 5, battery, and insert the plug interface, can be used to recharge the phone. Need not when, hanging on the key chain or in the bag, to solve the problem of emergency. Development team with HTC one section M7 smartphones and 2 Duracell Ultra 5 battery experiments, the results show that 30 minutes to mobile phone power is increased by 10%, more than 60 minutes, a 20% increase in power. For 3 can increase 20% of power. 6 hours of talk time or 4 days of standby state, should consider the specific circumstances of course mobile phone model and battery model. Emergency charger contains three ndfeb magnets, except for fixed battery, at the same time have the effect of electrical connection. Ndfeb magnet is one of the 'magnetic king' of universal power to be reckoned with, not only play a fixed role, and eliminating the connection parts, has brought the structure simple, simplify the production process, saving the cost of raw materials; At the same time, also serves as a conductive electrode even ndfeb magnet. Believe science and technology constantly create innovation, will create more applications for ndfeb magnets.
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