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Ndfeb magnets in various fields of application have?

by:Newland     2020-04-26
For a long time, the use of ndfeb magnets are very common, as the change of time, science and technology era constantly move forward, and the purpose of ndfeb magnet is becoming more and more obvious. Ndfeb magnet it not only has small volume, light weight and strong magnetic such as these, and is now the society the most reasonable and best price of the magnets. The ndfeb magnet is one of the most important raw materials have metal, pure iron, neodymium iron boron alloys and other additives, so just can have such a good performance ndfeb magnet. Although the magnet brought us many convenient, but also has certain harm, such as the keyboard, such as bank CARDS with a magnetic electronics will be the magnet to the magnetization. Ndfeb magnets in descaling, antiscale, via the ndfeb high-strength magnetized water disposal, water molecules bond simultaneous firing Angle and length of the deformation, hydrogen bond Angle from 105 to 103 degrees, the water physical and chemical properties of a series of ignition changes the water activity and melting degree big fierce progress, the calcium carbonate in the water in the cooking process flat differentiation to generate low solid calcium bicarbonate, difficult walls in the backlog, easily taken away by water. Other water increased degree of polymerization, were melting solid materials into finer particles, particles after refining, the interval between the two secondary ion is small, not easy condensation in the wall, and then reached the influence of descaling. Function of rare earth materials industry in the secondary ndfeb permanent magnet material is given priority to with high function, high secondary function of nd-fe-b materials products used in momentum and energy conservation, environmental protection and other high-end market, such as EPS, new energy automobile, etc. Ndfeb magnet manufacturers with automotive industry skill set and human demand for energy conservation and environmental protection, low energy consumption, low tone, less waste of electric or hybrid cars became for the purpose of everyone. Bonded ndfeb magnets with high magnetic function, small volume, high efficacy advantages, use of ndfeb magnet motor effect than popular 8 - high Decreased by more than 10% 50%, power consumption, volume and weight can be increased by more than 30%. Complete car to miniaturization, lightweight, high functionality, energy conservation and environmental protection to carry out. As the third generation of rare earth permanent magnet, ndfeb magnet has the very high function, use is also very common, but to pay more attention to, in order to prevent corruption and application requirements in ndfeb magnet surface protection treatment, stop such as with gold, zinc plating, and spray epoxy resin etc. What is the successful key points of ndfeb magnet? To know in today's society, after one thousand years development, magnet has become an indispensable function in our day today. Through the use of advanced powder metallurgy process of different alloys, able to meet and exceed and the effect of magnet, magnetic and can maximum limit progress. Powerful magnets are below 80 degrees of heat-resistant, as long as we put a strong magnet on the fire roast a few minutes, cooling after you around to it on the iron, it found that he has lost magnetism, not up. Factor is a strong magnet is magnetic, because strong magnet iron atom have rules to put. After it is heated, the iron atoms original put out, as a result, lost the original magnetic. We can also use the same method of other methods will be a powerful magnet demagnetization.
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