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Ndfeb magnets in the application of micro &special motor car

by:Newland     2020-05-01
Ndfeb magnet especially bonded ndfeb magnet is mainly used in traditional vehicles each micro &special motor, USES ndfeb magnet motor efficiency than ordinary 8 - high 50%, power consumption will be reduced by more than 10%, reduce weight more than 50%. Automobile micromotor belongs to the important electronic components, mainly used in car engine, chassis, body in three parts and accessories, according to industry estimates, every economical cars should be equipped with more than 20 small motor, limousine at least more than 60 sets of small motor, luxury cars need to nearly a small motor. As car to miniaturization, lightweight, high-performance, low fuel consumption and the gas energy conservation and environmental protection direction, miniaturization and lightweight become the primary technology development project, part of using new materials to improve the motor function and reduce the size, will speed up the car with the development of bonded ndfeb magnet.
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