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Ndfeb magnets in the application of energy-efficient appliances _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-02
Energy-efficient appliances and future ndfeb important alternative applications, rare earth permanent magnet motor is widely used in air conditioner, air compressor, fans and other household appliances areas. In countries such as Japan and Europe and the United States is about 90% of all is frequency conversion air conditioning air conditioning, but China now application is less. Because has the characteristic such as comfortable, energy-saving, frequency conversion air conditioning has become a trend in the future. In the field of frequency conversion air conditioning, frequency conversion air conditioning shipments of 60 million units in China in 2019, average consumption per ndfeb products zero. 17 kg, or blank 0. 28 kg, need ndfeb blank 18500 t every year. The frequency conversion air conditioning at present in China market share of 57%. Thus, frequency conversion air conditioning to summary of elasticity of demand is very big, rapid growth will be pulling ndfeb industry needs strong engine. Because the Chinese electrical appliances market is huge, the development of variable frequency electrical appliances, is bound to open up a new application field for ndfeb permanent magnet.
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