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'Ndfeb magnets' applied to millet MIX 3 slides, what's so special about this?

by:Newland     2020-05-08
'Ndfeb magnets' applied to millet MIX 3 slides, what's so special about this? On October 25, millet in conference held in the Forbidden City, issued a slide screen flagship phone millet MIX 3. Factors such as out of touch and life concerns, millet MIX 3 without the traditional spring type slide, but the slippery course, magnetic power from magnetic ndfeb magnet. '' magnetic power slide rail technology principle: built in rare earth permanent magnet material, through the mechanical structure of ndfeb magnet adsorption force and repulsive force is converted to mechanical forces, and provide sufficient damping and feel. Advantages compared to traditional spring design, this design, it is obvious that it is natural from the thin MIX3 screen can be seen, this structure is more save a space, at the same time, due to the friction and metal fatigue both disappear, slide also lived longer. In short no black science and technology, but it is a good design. Magnetic ndfeb magnet, also known as the king, is a kind of artificial, with magnetic metal oxide, permanent magnet magnetic force is strongest in the world. Ndfeb magnets, have excellent mechanical properties and performance are widely used in electronic products, each big domain. The millet MIX 3 should choose ndfeb magnet is took a fancy to the stable and reliable characteristics of the material.
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