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Ndfeb magnetic performance of the cement

by:Newland     2020-04-29
Through the add hard magnetic powder in cement mixture ( 钕铁硼) , improve the performance of the function of the cement paste. Magnetic cement ( Gelation magnet) Using simple and cheap gelation process to form complex shape of ndfeb magnet. Ndfeb particles uniformly distributed in the cement matrix. The magnetic density and compressive strength of cement composites increases with the concentration of ndfeb. Magnetization ( Within a year) Also increases with the join of ndfeb powder, but the coercive force did not change. The saturation magnetization ( ~85 emu / g) And coercive force ( ~ 7000 & # 8239; Oe) Magnetic cement composite materials than pure nickel ferrite cubic or difficult. Energy products ( BH) Max was found for ~ 1. 0 MGOe, combined with ferrite magnets. Through the use of magnetic cement to improve the metal parts or other magnetic cement, proved that the performance of the permanent magnet. The durability of the samples and tested in two artificial environment magnetic cement is a kind of gel preparation by ndfeb magnets, can easily form various shapes, and show the permanent magnetism.
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