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Ndfeb magnetic parameters of Br/Hcb/Hcj what do you mean? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-05
A. Remanent magnetization ( remanence) Br, symbol. Remanence Br: permanent magnets by the saturation magnetization to technology, and remove the external magnetic field, the retention of Br is called residual magnetic induction intensity. 2. Coercive force unit is oster ( Oe) Or Ann/m ( A/m) 1 / m = 79。 6Oe。 Coercive force is divided into magnetic induction coercive force ( Hcb) And intrinsic coercive force ( Hcj) 。 1. Magnetic induction coercive force magnet magnetization when in reverse, make the magnetic induction intensity is zero needed to reverse the value of the magnetic field strength is called magnetic coercive force. But at the moment of magnet magnetization is not zero, but with the reverse magnetic field and magnet magnetization effects cancel each other out. External magnetic induction intensity is zero, then if cancel the external magnetic field, magnets, still can have certain magnetic. 2. Intrinsic coercive force make the magnet magnetization reverse magnetic field strength required for zero, we call it intrinsic coercive force. Intrinsic coercive force is measured magnet demagnetization resistance of a physical quantity, is the said material in the coercive force of magnetization M back to zero. Used in magnets, magnet coercive force is higher, the better the temperature stability. Comprehensive, Br in the magnetic material on behalf of the remanence, Hcb on behalf of the magnetic induction coercive and Hcj represent the intrinsic coercive force, have a friend don't understand, can focus on this site, Ndfeb magnet manufacturers website: WWW. nvtiepeng。 cn) Learn more about magnets related professional knowledge.
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