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Ndfeb magnet wide prospect of market of domestic enterprises to be stronger

by:Newland     2020-05-05
At present, China ndfeb industry has accounted for nearly 80% global market share, is the world's center of sintered ndfeb magnet industry. Ndfeb magnet production in 2010, China is now more than 80% of the world's total output. Compared with the huge production capacity, ndfeb enterprises in China most of them still stay on the cheap products, big but not strong, become the bottleneck of restricting enterprise profitability, do the ndfeb enterprise has become the industry. Ndfeb wide prospect of market in recent years, as a result of ndfeb magnets to further improve the comprehensive performance of ndfeb magnet has become the mainstream market has gradually replace other magnetic materials magnetic materials. As a result of high efficiency and energy saving, light quality, small volume, good speed regulation characteristics of ndfeb is widely used in wind power, new energy cars and energy-efficient appliances such as sunrise industry. In the backdrop of the energy conservation and environmental protection, ndfeb is welcoming new development opportunities. At the same time, countries have introduced the related policy, vigorously promote the development of ndfeb industry. Support fund of 500 million yuan, the key support of rare earth resources used in wind power, electric cars, energy-efficient appliances, maglev trains, and other fields, the support of national policy is undoubtedly the most powerful industry for the future development of rare earth permanent magnet industry. 'The ndfeb permanent magnet material in the application of electronic products is very broad, while the Chinese consumer electronics production is the highest in the world, plus the potential industry, such as communications equipment, mechanical equipment, the market demand is huge. For ndfeb permanent magnet materials to enter the international market competition provides a good condition, market prospects are very broad. 'The industry experts said. Domestic enterprises have why quantity is priceless, according to the data currently ndfeb permanent magnet material production enterprises in China has reached more than 120, five domestic enterprises of the production scale of nearly one thousand tons. And hundreds of tons of production scale of the enterprise has more than 20, all occupy the leading industry in the international scope. Yet because much domestic nd-fe-b materials such as products, the vast majority can only be applied in the field of performance requirements is not high, so although China sintered ndfeb production in the world, but our profit is very limited. , by contrast, the United States, Japan and other several ndfeb production among world's top country now has the strong competitiveness of very large scale enterprise, Japan's sumitomo special metals company, Japan's letter, the chemical industrial company, TDK, etc on the summary of sales of separation, the world's top three comfortably ndfeb industry cutting-edge position. Faced with such serious competition, Chinese manufacturers need to optimize ndfeb production technology, improve product quality, gradually moving towards the high-end, this is the only way to promote international competitiveness of ndfeb industry in China. Hope that the domestic enterprises can take advantage of the internationalization of ndfeb magnet, the interconnection demand, pay more attention to their own strength, rather than just for the purpose of profit internal competition, so as to occupy the dominant position in the international market competition.
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