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Ndfeb magnet why three plating layer?

by:Newland     2020-04-09
Ndfeb products outside the three layers of nickel plating surface is copper and nickel, why such a multilayer plating? Ndfeb magnets in the process of production have always been such processing way? Ndfeb manufacturers know the development of RuTie boron magnet from 2000 before using the three outer layer of processing methods. Three plating layer is, first and foremost, anti-corrosion ability enough, so can't 2 layer or direct copper plating nickel plating because at that time the ndfeb direct copper plating is still a big problem, it is difficult to guarantee the binding force, because ndfeb matrix can replacement of copper in the copper plating solution, the adhesion strength of the copper plating layer there is not enough, and after the nickel plating ndfeb binding force is good, the adhesion strength of the nickel plated copper plating again also need not worry, so still need a layer of nickel plating to ensure ndfeb substrate binding force, are the benefits of copper plating coating defects, less effect on magnetic shielding, all good plating, low marginal effect, plating to the shape change little. Simple understanding of ndfeb magnet after processing way, I believe you more trust to our performance ndfeb magnet, used in all kinds of electrical appliances, electronic industry are possible. A: powerful magnets manufacturer to teach you how to choose and buy special magnet. A: why are powerful magnet demagnetization?
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