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Ndfeb magnet why are prices soaring?

by:Newland     2020-05-06
Everyone knows that is the main raw materials of rare earth ndfeb magnet praseodymium, Nv, dysprosium and other rare earth elements; Magnet prices one of the reasons: the protection of rare earth industry under the State Council and consolidation state protection and sustainable development of the rare earth industry consolidation, since is to protect the rectification must be shut down some of the backward production capacity is too small private mines, integration of some company, let the mining company quota control to a minimum! So less equal to the production of raw materials manufacturers, competition is not so big, and rare earth miner directly to price up is the direct reason of prices! Magnet prices for another: Europe and the United States and Japan for China's rare earth to rely too much on YiKai years can see the news since last year to China's restrictions on rare earth exports Europe and the United States and Japan, you may want to ask, they have to be imported from China, is not their own country and other countries? The answer is no, their country also has the rare earth, rare earth in China only cheap, they mined the price is higher than us, so they simply turn off the rare earths, directly from the import in our country, so want to protect the rare earth mining in our country, have to mention the price went up, not our price is high, ndfeb magnet is before the price is too low! Even they had to call our rare earth price is cabbage!
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