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Ndfeb magnet surface magnetic field calculation _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-06
The most important function of permanent magnet is to provide a constant magnetic field. The surface magnetic field intensity is a magnet is an important measure of quality. Ndfeb magnet surface magnetic field intensity by gaussian said. Summary of N33 & ndash; N52, the higher grades, the greater the surface magnetic field intensity. N52 5 * 5, for example, the surface of the gaussian surface gauss than N42 5 * 5. Ndfeb magnet surface magnetic field calculation, simple shapes of magnets, magnetic field intensity can be calculated, because the related parameters is more, calculation process is complicated, detailed calculation is more complex. Generally only do estimate. With professional import software can carry out analysis and calculation, but for the software of the parameter Settings needs to have certain experience, otherwise the error is very large. For the convenience of use, we provide the surface magnetic field calculation of ndfeb magnet calculator ( Home page) 。
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