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Ndfeb magnet run into some of the problems listed in the production and sales

by:Newland     2020-05-01
A, ndfeb magnets in some problems met in the production of 1. Oxidation of 2. Cracking 3. Low density ( Low remanence, low magnetic energy product, can through sintering to improve) Low coercive force ( By aging to improve) 4. Lack of Angle of 5. Grinding out six. Out-of-tolerance size 7. 8 coating. Temperature stability, ndfeb magnets, problems 1 in sales. Performance 2. Plating and coating quality ( Such as salt spray test) 3. Temperature coefficient of 4. The processability of 5. Density: N series in 7. 3 ~ 7. 55 g/cm3 H series in 7. 4 ~ 7. 6 g/cm3 SH series in 7. 48 ~ 7. 62 g/cm3 UH in 7 series. 52 ~ 7. 7 g/cm3 EH series in 7. 55 ~ 7. 75 g/cm3 AH series in 7. 6 ~ 7. 8 g/cm3 same series ingot casting material density is low, sling with hydrogen density, the higher the density, the better the performance of products electroplating 6. Weightlessness: special requirements of general can do 10 mg/cm2 ( More than 100 hours) 7. Sintered ndfeb and bonded ndfeb sintered Nd - Fe- B is different to different to the product, high magnetic energy product, and bonding Nd - Fe- B is through the glue binder to suppress forming, is isotropic, low magnetic energy product ( 5 - 10 mgoe) Three security issues in the production of ndfeb flammable, ndfeb magnet, at the same time to prevent oxidation in the process of production and inert gas production, thus and explosive, safety critical, therefore, in the industry in the process of production safety problem 1. 。 Melting: A. Casting due to water leakage after high temperature melting furnace product expansion B cause explosion. Alloy ingot is put out in the process of underground, crushed, operators toenail C. Argon didn't row clean belt furnace cleaning rejection caused employees two died of suffocation. Flour: flour in the most safety accidents, and A lot of is A life events. B airflow mill filter tube explosion. Inventory powder burning C. D mixer explosion. Hydrogen furnace explosion E. Ultrafine powder burning 3. Forming A. Store powder barrels have positive pressure after mixing, B employees improper operation caused by accidents. 4 press broken fingers. 5 centerless grinding, grinding broken fingers. Assist work: sintered plate punch illegal operation of the employee injury refers to 6. Magnetization: magnetic products because of four, ndfeb magnet, what is the logo broken finger is three? Anti-oxidation: due to the affinity of neodymium was lively and oxygen is very strong, easy oxidation of be affected with damp be affected with damp proof product: ndfeb influence is very big, the quality of the water vapor in the air to process if the device is leaking in the process of product produce ammonia smell, ingot casting, ) Long exposure had a great influence on the quality of the products against the impurities in the air: because each process ( Especially the smelting, milling) Control is lax, dust and foreign body into the can cause large quantities of scrap of the products
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