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Ndfeb magnet performance related to shape? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-02
Ndfeb magnet performance related to shape? No, determine a performance ndfeb magnet remanence, coercive force, intrinsic coercive force, maximum magnetic energy product. Magnetic energy product ( BH) - - - - - - Unit is focal/m 3 ( J/m3) Or high & bull; Mr ( 通用) 1 mgoe≈ 7. 96 kj/m3 demagnetization curve on any bit of B and H is the product of BH we called magnetic energy product, and B× A maximum of H called maximum magnetic energy product ( BH) 上限。 Magnetic energy product is one of the important parameters of stored energy constant magnet size, ( BH) The larger the Max description magnets containing magnetic energy is larger. Remanence ( Br) - - - - - - The unit is the tesla ( T) And gaussian ( Gs) 1 g = 0。 0001 t will be a magnet magnetization to technology by external magnetic field in a closed environment after saturated undo the external magnetic field, the magnetic induction intensity we call residual magnetism of the magnet performance and now. It said magnet can provide maximum flux values. Visible from the demagnetization curve, it corresponds to the air gap is zero, so the actual magnetic induction intensity of magnetic circuit of the magnet are smaller than the residual magnetism. Ndfeb is now found in Br the highest practical permanent magnetic material. Intrinsic coercive force ( Hcj) - - - - - - Make the remanent magnetization of magnets Mr Zero needed for applying reverse magnetic field strength. The unit is oster ( Oe) Or Ann/m ( A/m) 。 The size of the intrinsic coercive force have close relationship with the temperature stability of rare earth permanent magnets, magnet coercive force is higher, the better the temperature stability. Coercive force ( Hcb) - - - - - - Permanent magnet magnetic satisfied after, permanent magnet B ( Magnetic induction intensity) Reverse magnetic field strength needed to reduce to zero is called magnetic coercive force. Curie temperature - Refers to the material can change of temperature between the ferromagnetic and magnet.
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