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Ndfeb magnet N38SH performance curve analysis diagram

by:Newland     2020-04-15
Many friends pay attention to ndfeb strong magnet performance curves, the following card magnet manufacturer Ricky to bring us N38SH performance curve analysis diagram, hope will be helpful to you. N38SH performance curve analysis diagram is illustrated below. Guess how tall are you focus on N38SH table magnetic? N38SH big magnetic tile 62. 5 * 27. 5 * 4. 8 ( Long, 62. 5 mm wide, 27. 5 mm thick 4. 8mm) Radial magnetization, magnetic table around 1260 gs. In general how many gauss N38SH ndfeb strong magnet depends on the size of the product specification, if very thin which is roughly 2000 gs, highest in a bigger size is about 3800 gs. The concrete is related to its thickness. The actual measurement shall prevail! Relevant article recommended reading: 'how much is the magnet n38 gauss? Some N38 magnet size magnetic field intensity,
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