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Ndfeb magnet microstructure structure _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-02
1, the matrix microstructure of ndfeb magnet structure Nd2Fe14B Nd2Fe14B which is the main phase, like water is composed of H2O, ndfeb is mainly composed of Nd2Fe14B, it is a ferromagnetic phase, the volume fraction is determined by the Nd - Fe- Permanent magnet alloy Br and B ( BH) 上限。 It is a compound of B 2, rich boron phase Nd1 + & sum; Fe4B4 in Nd - Fe- B permanent magnet alloy, rich boron phase is harmful, and hope that the volume fraction of it as small as possible. 3, wealthy neodymium phase single bit content and relative sintering neodymium Nd - Fe- B alloy magnetic hardening plays an important role in maintaining the appropriate rich phase is conducive to the promotion of sintered ndfeb neodymium coercive force. 4, the impurities in sintering Nd - Fe- B inside also has a certain volume of oxide Nd2O3, & alpha; – Fe, chloride and empty.
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