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- ndfeb magnet manufacturing process Smelting _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-02
- ndfeb manufacturing process According to the process of divided into conventional smelting ( 20公斤,30公斤、50公斤、100公斤) And flung belt furnace ( 100公斤、300公斤、500公斤) Two kinds. Process A, Nd, Fe, B dosing and pretreatment of B, C, melting: first charging again under vacuum to 1 of pa, began to send low power heating, heating while continue to extraction, with the temperature increases, the adsorption state of gas, the moisture desorption and pumped out gradually, to charge to dark red, widespread valve filling the argon gas, to increase the power to charge all melt temperature rise, about 5 minutes and refining, refining is derated and pouring, pouring gate should be aimed at cooling mold, casting and cooling. D, alloy should pay attention to the preservation of the alloy ingot placed and transportation impurities into such as: gloves of silk, the dust in the air, etc. Oxygen damage against the alloy at the same time, the oxygen permeation into, make neodymium neodymium oxide; Water vapour has damage to the alloy, encounter will generate a nd neodymium oxide and hydride, therefore melting process to prevent impurities, prevent oxidation.
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