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Ndfeb magnet manufacturers which good?

by:Newland     2020-04-08
In 1982, sumitomo special metals sagawa real found ndfeb magnet. This kind of magnet magnetic energy product is greater than the samarium cobalt magnet, magnetic energy product the larger material was the world. Later, sumitomo special metals successful development of powder metallurgy method, general motors, rotary spray melting method of successful development, to the preparation of ndfeb magnet. The magnet is now strong permanent magnets, magnetic is also often use of rare earth magnets. Ndfeb magnet is widely used in electronic products, such as mobile phones, hard disk, headphones, and with a battery-powered tools, etc. China which ndfeb manufacturers is better? Magnetic technology co. , LTD. Is a professional production and sales of high-tech enterprises of various kinds of magnetic materials and related components. The company long-term commitment to sintered ndfeb and ferrite permanent magnet material production and application; Companies with an annual output of 1600 tons of ndfeb, ferrite, 6000 tons. From the founding, the company has been based on a high starting point, committed to the development of the high level. The company has a series of domestic and foreign advanced production and research and development equipment, and to introduce domestic first-class permanent magnet materials experts and professional and technical personnel; Also engaged in scientific and technological cooperation between colleges, hand in hand together to create the magnetic materials research and development center at the China academy of metrology, continue to promote scientific and technological innovation ability, successful application eight national patents, encourage enterprises in the field of high-end research and development of permanent magnetic material among the domestic first-class. At present, the company production of high consistency, high stability of ndfeb magnets are widely used in electronic, auto motor, elevator, wind energy, aerospace and other fields. Ferrite magnet performance can be achieved: the Br ( 4300Gs) , Hcj( 4400Oe) ,BH( Max) ( 4. 6 mgoe) Widely used in all kinds of motor, household appliances, audio, etc. The quality is the soul of the product and the life of the enterprise, our company regularly to staff training and assessment, make the staff to better master the job skills, and strict quality management system: ISO9001:2008, ISO/TS16949:2009, and ISO14001:2004. Advanced production and testing equipment to ensure the high consistency and stability of our products. We have a series of Germany and Japan advanced equipment, such as ICP, HAST test chamber, such as laser granulometer. A: what are the typical features of a powerful magnet? Next up: sintered ndfeb magnet bonded magnets and magnets have what differentiation?
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