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Ndfeb magnet manufacturers to magnet quotation can vary greatly, is this why?

by:Newland     2020-05-07
Many friends need to buy the customized magnet tend to find several magnet manufacturers, since it is more, the price will be also good and bad are intermingled, then everyone will have the question, why it is the magnet of the same specification, why the price difference so big? It is what reason? Small make up today about what you know to say with you why magnet product price will be the good and bad are intermingled. A, the production directly. First of all, may you find is a middlemen, is not a direct production of ndfeb magnet manufacturers, so the price than you naturally find the direct manufacturer of the price is higher than many, now do the magnet business there are many, you will be able to meet the manufacturers proposed visit, begged. Second, the capital is not the same. As we all know, the general general function also is the commonly used N35 magnet, but now there are many enterprises using N33, N28 pretend to replace, price nature also can cheap many. Small make up want to say is, after all the price for each product has its reason, if an enterprise wants to make a living, it is impossible to produce magnet product price cheap and good quality. Three, demand is not clear. Some customers don't know oneself magnet what material do you want to lead to some salesman wrong material, misprice after all. Fourth, quality after-sales. Every single transactions, quality after-sales this is essential, it is also will greatly influence the magnet price is one of the important reasons. Shenzhen star create magnetic industry company, the company focused on magnetic materials & amp; Components manufacturing and solutions. Reasonable price, reliable quality, punctual delivery, can processing production ndfeb magnet circle, square, tile shape, countersunk head hole, hole, grinding arc, steps, reducer, tapered, ladder shaped, bread shaped magnets. Welcome new old friend calls advisory negotiate and guidance! Contact phone number: 13534236387 miss zhang WWW. abm - 磁学。 cn
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