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Ndfeb magnet manufacturers production process of 'sintering'

by:Newland     2020-05-06
Manufacturer of ndfeb magnet production process key process step 5: sintering. This link is the first time that we can test for this batch of products the first time, put the we suppress good blank in sintering, will burn out the standard sample piece together, to test whether performance can meet customer standard, graph to test out again. Powder forming technology of powder compact low relative density, porosity, low bond strength between the particles. This powder pressing nexus of contracts do not have high use magnetic microstructure can magnet. In order to further improve the density, improve the powder direct contact with nature, increase strength, make the magnets with high magnetic performance of the microstructure feature, you need to compact heating to collective phase powder melting temperature, heat treatment for a period of time, a process called sintering. Manufacturers of ndfeb magnet sintering process has brought a series of physical and chemical changes in the compact, is one of the key technology of manufacturing ndfeb magnets, have important influence on the performance of the permanent magnet. Sintered NdFeB permanent magnet alloy and fast cooling after ( Sintering state) Magnetic low, need to be tempering heat treatment, processing temperature is slightly less than general sintering temperature. Tempering treatment can significantly improve the NdFeB magnetic alloys, especially the coercive force. Magnetic is very sensitive to the technological factors, the same composition of the alloy because of sintering and different heat treatment process, its magnetic can be several times or more, or even hundreds to change. Therefore, mastering the influence law of sintering, heat treatment process on the magnetic is very important. Sintering, high temperature tempering process USES the devices is the vacuum sintering furnace, as shown in the figure below.
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