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Ndfeb magnet manufacturers production process of 'shape'

by:Newland     2020-05-06
In eight technology of ndfeb magnet manufacturers, small make up front about three steps: ingredients, melting and broken, small make up today about the fourth step: orientation and shape. (4) magnetic field orientation and forming ndfeb magnet manufacturer of powder magnetic field orientation is one of the key technology of manufacturing high performance sintered magnet. The purpose of the magnetic field orientation is to make each of the powder particles easy magnetization direction ( C axis) All along the same direction orientation, made of anisotropic magnets, is along the direction of the powder particles c axis orientation has the largest residual magnetism Br, and thus enhanced the maximum magnetic energy product of magnets. The orientation of the powder of chengdu to the magnet remanence Br and the maximum magnetic energy product ( BH) Max all have important influence. Manufacturers of ndfeb magnet powder molding is serves two purposes: one is according to user needs the powder pressed into a certain shape and size of the compact; The second is to keep the crystal orientation degree obtained in the magnetic field orientation. At present there are three widely used method of pressure: compression molding, mold and cold isostatic pressing and rubber moulded ( Cold isostatic pressing) 。 Molding process is the main process of magnetic powder oxygen, so forming process have strict anti-oxidation measures, magnetic powder weighing or pressing process operation under inert gas protection. This process is the molding press equipment used, as shown in the figure below.
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