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Ndfeb magnet manufacturers parsing the kinds of magnet!

by:Newland     2020-05-07
Magnet after one thousand years of development, today the magnet has become one of the indispensable material in our life. Now each big magnetic materials manufacturer usually through synthetic alloys of different material, not only can achieve the same effect as the magnet, also can increase the magnetic force. Can produce magnet magnetic field, has attract a ferromagnetic material, such as cobalt, iron and so on the characteristics of the metal. In magnet manufacturers of magnetic except shape distinguish there are nature of class distinction and industry class distinction. Shape class magnet: cylindrical magnet, ring magnets, rectangular magnets, magnets, magnet, magnet, magnetic tile shape frame magnet and so on. Attribute class magnet: 1, samarium cobalt magnet: in the midst of modern because its price is expensive, only used in some areas, use is limited, as a rare earth permanent magnets, has the high magnetic energy product, good temperature characteristic and reliable coercive force, more suitable for use in high temperature environment. 2, ndfeb magnet: this kind of the most powerful than that of other magnets, magnet magnetic are ndfeb magnets manufacturers often referred to as a powerful magnet, its hard stable performance and is widely applied. 3, ferrite magnet: it is made by means of ceramic technology, and quality of a material is relatively hard, due to its good temperature resistance, price is cheap, magnet manufacturers widely used today. 4, alnico magnets, it belongs to a kind of alloy, the aluminum, nickel, cobalt, iron and other trace metal elements. Magnetic materials manufacturer of casting process can be processed into different sizes and shapes, machinability is good, it is widely used in all kinds of instruments. 5, iron chromium cobalt magnet: due to the variability of the magnet manufacturer called magnetic transformers, used for all kinds of mechanical processing. Shenzhen star create magnetic industry company, the company focused on magnetic materials & amp; Components manufacturing and solutions. Reasonable price, reliable quality, punctual delivery, can processing production ndfeb magnet circle, square, tile shape, countersunk head hole, hole, grinding arc, steps, reducer, tapered, ladder shaped, bread shaped magnets. Welcome new old friend calls advisory negotiate and guidance! Contact phone number: 13534236387 miss zhang WWW. abm - 磁学。 cn
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