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Ndfeb magnet manufacturers of headphones has what effect?

by:Newland     2020-05-08
Under the impetus of the rapid development of modern science and technology, ndfeb manufacturers of magnet is really very widely, where a little, there is a magnetic, in the application of electronic products is well known. As one of the common electronic products, so the headphones magnet in the action principle of this kind of electronic products is how? The impact on the headphones and how? Headset is a very common in daily life electronic accessories, computer, mobile phone, MP4,'t a MP5, recording equipment can see the figure of it. Headphones let us and noise isolation, into the music world to enjoy life. Have a lot of people are hurt headphones experiences apart after we will find that it has a small but indispensable things, that is a magnet. Make general for the headphones are ndfeb manufacturers of ndfeb and ferrite magnet material, let's find out how it works first. Ndfeb manufacturers introduced principle of moving coil: currently, most of the working principle of headphones are principle of moving coil, the coil and diaphragm together in same permanent magnetic field, and the signal current drive makes the diaphragm coil, so as to make a sound, is just like a miniature ordinary speakers. For electrostatic headsets, although it works the same, but some different way, the diaphragm is very thin, thin to use micro meter. And ordinary headset is diaphragm is different on the electromagnetic field of a change of drive coil make the diaphragm sound. Ndfeb manufacturers in the production of the magnet dynamic headphones purpose is to form a permanent magnetic field, and will be fixed film piece of wire coil placed in a magnetic field signal current through the coil, then another magnetic field exists in the coil, the coil of the magnetic field and the permanent magnetic field force each other to pass to the diaphragm. Two diaphragm vibration by the force of the magnetic field change, and the sound is produced.
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