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Ndfeb magnet manufacturers for July order season rare earths are expected to set off

by:Newland     2020-05-07
Since late may, ndfeb magnet manufacturers of a downturn in its market price of rare earth, started rising pattern. In fact, since march, other metal has a minor action. Metal neodymium praseodymium prices of 33000 yuan, price of 31000 yuan, neodymium praseodymium oxide metal neodymium prices rose 28000 yuan, neodymium oxide price 27000 yuan, cerium oxide prices slightly down 500 yuan. North of rare earth rare earth oxide on July, compared with June listing price, praseodymium neodymium is generally rise. Metal praseodymium neodymium listing price 426000 yuan/ton, from June listing price higher than 0. 7%, praseodymium, neodymium oxide, neodymium oxide on a 6 month rose 0. 6%. Rare earths prices during the first half of 2018 the central shock upside, plate performance is also very bright eye. Environmental protection brings to leak the rare earth market supply is expected to tighten, the downstream peak season purchasing overlay, has been a steady rise in demand and praseodymium neodymium tight balance between supply and demand, the peak season of purchasing will continue to push up prices. General said in July after ndfeb magnet manufacturers began to enter the order busy season, plus influenced by environmental protection continue to overweight, rare earth demand side are expected to grow, the relationship of supply and demand determine the price. Growth in the future period, for the development of the industry leading. North of rare earths, sheng and resources, minmetals rare earth future performance was still very considerable. North of rare earths: one of the company for the domestic rare earth industry leading. Companies with the development and utilization of baiyun obo rare earth mine for a mission, a rare earth ore dressing and smelting separation, deep processing and application products, scientific research and other rare earth industrial system, can produce the rare earth materials, rare earth functional materials, rare earth application products such as all kinds of rare earth products. And revenue growth and sales net interest rates rebound also drive growth. China's rare earth resources is given priority to with the northern light and southern medium-duty, baiyun obo is China's largest light rare earth mine, reserves of more than 90% of the country. Advantage in this, continue to accelerate the separation of rare earth smelting and processing in the field of the layout and development to get fast development. Sheng and resources: sheng and re engaged in rare earth smelting separation products research and development, production and sales, has become a rare earth smelting separation industry leading enterprises in sichuan province, based in sichuan, denotation of mergers and acquisitions, makes the rare earth industry chain, all rare earth smelting separation level also ranked among the top in sichuan province. Company or a domestic rare earth is the industry leader in the leading enterprises in the whole industry chain. Continue to layout, integration of upstream and downstream cost reduction a new black expectations have increased, prices boost performance. Minmetals rare earth: company's platform for the rare earth research institute is the company's research and development of rare earth products, mainly engaged in mining, separation of part of energy conservation and environmental protection comprehensive utilization of resources and technology improvement and application of rare earth products research and development work, is a national '863' and '973' plan to undertake one of the units. It has formed the core technology of optimization design system mainly contains rare earth separation process, solvent extraction separation techniques to produce high purity rare earth, rare earth separation process materials such as linkage recycling environmental protection technology. As new energy, new materials, energy conservation, environmental protection, aerospace, widely used in the field of electronic information, plus 2018, environmental protection supervision 'look back' work in full swing, suggests that the government control environmental pollution from grey market's determination and strength than last year only increased, the afternoon market continues to look good. The strategic resources of rare earth is non-renewable and rare earth in proven reserves, China leads the world in, global supply is dependent on China for a long time. According to the forecast now rare earth demand growth, and development speed and mode, China's rare earth resources will be 25 - in the future 30 years are exhausted, rare earth old strong inflationary expectations. Shenzhen city star create magnetic industry co. , LTD. , focusing on magnetic materials & amp; Permanent magnetic component manufacturing and solutions. We adhering to the 'people-oriented, resource optimization, value sharing, sustainable management' business philosophy. Supply all kinds of permanent magnet and magnetic components. Through effective quality assurance core tools ( TS / 16949: APQP, PPAP, FMEA, MASA& SPC) Internal logistics department will provide more economical, fast freight services.
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