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Ndfeb magnet manufacturers drilling way to prevent fracture _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-06
Ndfeb magnets in the machining process often need to drilling of magnets, so how to prevent drilling ndfeb magnet fracture? 1, the cutting tool of alloy tool is indispensable for drilling tools, usually used in the instrument lathe and bench drill, the tool must be ndfeb magnet special carbide cutting tools. Not special alloy cutting tools will make ndfeb drilling break. 2 is the most commonly used to drilling holes, machine tool ndfeb instrument lathe, bench drill hole and professional ndfeb set of lathe. The stability and quality of lathe is the most important factor in ndfeb processing to prevent fracture. For the inner hole of less than 8 mm hole in ndfeb magnets, is the most commonly used instrument lathe. Bench drill is some tiles drilling lathe. Should do well in other products of the fixture, fixed good product. Set of holes is inner hole in more than 8 mm hole of ndfeb magnet products used in lathe. 3, cool ndfeb strong magnet in the process of production and processing, cutting tool of high temperature, need to cooling water, oil, or ndfeb magnet borehole fracture may occur. Magnet manufacturer we generally don't recommend users to drilling ndfeb magnet, ndfeb commonly punch can find professional punch strong magnet manufacturers to deal with.
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