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Ndfeb magnet manufacturers answer sheet the higher magnetic magnetic is better?

by:Newland     2020-05-07
Magnet magnetic table with magnet magnetic mean? There is how defined, the relationship and influence between the two? First magnetic ndfeb magnet manufacturers tell you table definition: magnetic induction intensity on the surface of the magnetic table refers to the magnet, the magnet is presented on the surface of the table data is just the magnet itself a data for measuring tool, due to the induction each measuring tool may not accurate, so the magnet products table magnetic problem didn't also a certain specification, the most common is to enlarge the tolerance range data, or directly according to their own products to require, after all, the data is considerable. General instrument magnet ndfeb magnet manufacturers of magnetic measurement tools are using gauss meter, also called tesla meter. However, because each manufacturer production products are not a specific standard, but also because the hall sensing elements on the gauss meter, hall induction of different intensity, measured by the magnetic table is different also, in the simplest terms, the same product, we use homebred gauss meter to measure, if measured magnetic intensity is 3000 gs, ( GS: magnetic table units) In Japan a gauss meter to measure, because the hole on the gauss meter the quality problem of the sensing element, Japan measured by gauss meter table higher magnetic circa 200 gs. So, a product, if you look at the table light magnetic problem, cannot determine the magnet products is good or bad. The magnets on iron ( Or a pin) And then take it out, magnet can attract the iron filings ( Or a pin) Magnets separated by certain substances ( Such as wood, glass) On iron ( Or a pin) There are still iron absorption phenomenon, the magnet. The magnets on wood chips or copper ( Powder) Inside. Magnets can't absorb the sawdust or copper. As can be seen from the above experiments, magnetic strength can absorb more pins, if weak magnetism, is sure to attract the pin is small. If we use gauss meter to measure the two magnets, so, the results must be sucked up more pin magnet magnetic table is higher, it shows a what problem, of course, is the stronger the magnetism of the magnet, the higher the magnetic energy product, make a simply, for example, we compared magnetic to water, like a barrel, also fill a bucket of water, the weight of the magnetic intensity of the bottled water than weak magnetic barrels of heavy, why heavy, the only thing that can explain the bucket of water is strong magnetic density than magnetic weak the pail of water density. It is not hard to see, magnetic force, magnetic, magnetic these tables we often say to the professional term, its internal relations involves many physical properties of the magnet, the same specifications of the product, maybe just because of the different of magnetic energy product magnetic, ndfeb magnet manufacturers to claim some here, magnetic is not equal to the magnetic table.
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