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Ndfeb magnet manufacturer of ndfeb production technology introduction

by:Newland     2020-05-04
Ndfeb magnet manufacturers currently involved in the production of all kinds of magnet technology mainly include the sintering, casting, thermal deformation several bonding and hot pressing. One kind of technology may apply to the production of several kinds of magnet, but the actual production process, characteristics and the magnet, do some process and details of adjustment and improvement. The following will introduce these classes focus on each production process. Among them, the sintering process is the most widely used production technology, suitable for sintered ndfeb permanent magnet ferrite, samarium cobalt production and sintered alnico magnets. Casting technology is mainly used in the production of cast alnico magnets. Bonding process is mainly used for production of all kinds of bonded magnets, such as bonded ndfeb, samarium cobalt, rubber magnetic, etc. Hot deformation process is mainly used for hot hot deformation of ndfeb production. ( 1) Manufacturers of ndfeb magnet sintering process sintering process is using the method of powder metallurgy, is currently the most widely used production technology, suitable for sintered ndfeb permanent magnet ferrite, samarium cobalt production and sintered alnico magnets. Its production process diagram as shown in figure 1. ( 2) Manufacturers of ndfeb magnet casting casting refers to the solid metal melt as liquid into the specific shape of the casting, awaiting the coagulation process. For permanent magnets, the casting process is mainly used to produce cast alnico magnets. Compared with sintered alnico, can cast alnico magnetic is higher, can be processing production into different sizes and shapes, sintered alnico process simple, small blank size tolerance, good workability. Its production process diagram as shown in figure 2. ( 3) Manufacturers of ndfeb magnet bonding process bonding process is permanent magnetic material will have certain magnetic powder and bonding agent and other additives according to certain proportion mixing, and then by adopting the method of suppression, extrusion and injection molding a kind of preparation of composite permanent magnetic materials production process. Compared with the sintering and casting permanent magnets, bonded permanent magnets prominent advantage is: high dimensional accuracy, not deformation, no secondary processing; Configuration is much freedom, can be used according to actual needs, causing various shapes of products, such as long strips, sheets, tubes, round ring, or other complex shaped products; Convenient for autometic large-lot production. High mechanical strength and products. The downside is magnetic low temperature is not high. The key technology in the process of bonding process is: the preparation of magnetic powder, coupling agent and bonding agent of choice, binder content, forming pressure and orientation of magnetic field strength, and so on. Bonded ndfeb magnetic powder manufacturing method used mainly has quick melt quenching method, HDDR method, mechanical alloying method and gas spray method. Among them, the more popular is HDDR method at present. Bonding process flow diagram is shown in figure 3. ( 4) Manufacturers of ndfeb magnet technology hot hot hot hot deformation process is another kind of ndfeb magnet production process. Through this process can produce isotropic and anisotropic ndfeb magnets. The process of ndfeb magnets, magnetic high radial maximum magnetic energy product can reach 240 ~ 360 kJ/m3. And high heat resistance, temperature can reach 180 ℃, magnetic ring for nanocrystalline structure, high density, the electrophoretic coating of epoxy resin, excellent corrosion resistance. Thermal radiation anisotropy orientation ring magnet is mainly used in EPS motor, servo motor, electric tools, and all kinds of dc motor. Hot hot deformation process flow diagram is as follows:
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