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Ndfeb magnet is really eternal not degaussing? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-06
Many customers will worry if I buy back when buy ndfeb magnets on a warehouse inside a few months or half a year no demagnetization? Will the poles disorder? Ndfeb manufacturers for you to answer: if the position of the magnet and temperature meet the requirements, this situation will happen, ndfeb magnet is also called & other; Strong magnet & throughout; And & other Permanent magnets & throughout; 。 If stored properly, the surface coating is not damaged, and temperatures used in regulations, is not going to happen demagnetization, service life is eternal. For nearly 30 years, permanent magnetic material has been widely used, but also greatly enhance the value of the permanent magnet material in the market. At present, the ndfeb magnet is widely used, it is not only in the electronic product and its packaging leather is very popular, especially in the maglev industry, it is quite popular, thus derived a lot of ndfeb manufacturers. For professionals, to distinguish the summary of quality is not a problem, but for non-specialists, how to choose the high quality of ndfeb magnet? One, the first to see if raw materials, is in line with international standards, in order to profit, many ndfeb manufacturers loophole on the raw materials to reduce the cost, this will reduce the performance of ndfeb magnet, lead to the uneven distribution of when using magnetic, performance is not stable. Two, see ndfeb production equipment and technological process of manufacturer, ndfeb production in our country usually adopt two pressing forming method and advanced technology not only can increase production, but also can improve the quality, at present, SC, HD, and JM is relatively advanced technologies. Third, look at the size of the ndfeb magnet, size is decided by the strength of the factory and the process of teacher, because in the process of production of ndfeb, process is more complex, not a molding, by cutting and rework process, such as every industry used magnets are all different sizes and shapes, if you want to meet customer requirements of size and quality, the technology actual strength of manufacturer of ndfeb is critical. Four, ndfeb magnet lifespan depends on its surface coating, to avoid a weakly acidic liquid corrosion and high temperature oxidation, the extended method is usually in the magnet surface electroplating, to prolong the service life of the magnet, the commonly used coating has a nickel, nickel and copper, nickel, zinc, color zinc, epoxy resin, etc. , we can choose different coating according to the different needs of customers. If you don't know much about the ndfeb magnets, magnet, don't know how to choose and buy you can inform ndfeb manufacturers for the product requirements, will provide you with a suitable solution. If you want to know more information, please keep watching!
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