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Ndfeb magnet is composed of what materials? Used in what place?

by:Newland     2020-05-04
A, ndfeb magnet is composed of what materials? The main raw materials ndfeb magnet with rare earth metal neodymium ( Nd) 32%, iron metal elements ( Fe) 64% boron and nonmetallic elements ( B) 1% ( A small amount of added dysprosium ( Dy) , terbium ( Tb) , cobalt, Co) , niobium, Nb) , gallium, Ga) , aluminum ( Al) , copper, Cu) Elements such as) 。 Ndfeb magnet is permanent magnetic material Nd2Fe14B ternary compound as matrix, its content should be close to compound Nd2Fe14B formula is. But according to Nd2Fe14B composition ratio in full, magnets, magnetic can is very low, even no magnetic. Only actual of neodymium magnets and boron content than Nd2Fe14B compounds and neodymium boron content to get better performance of permanent magnet. What are the application of 2, ndfeb magnet? Ndfeb magnet with its superior performance, abundant raw materials, the reasonable price is being swift and violent development and extensive application. Its mainly used in micro motors, permanent magnet and meters, electronic industry, automobile industry, petrochemical industry, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) devices, sensors, audio equipment, magnetic suspension system, magnetic transmission mechanism and protection equipment, etc.
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