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Ndfeb magnet is applied to the introduction of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) medical magnetic

by:Newland     2020-05-01
Medical magnetic resonance imaging system the biggest, the most important parts of ndfeb magnet. Identify the magnet grade units called tesla ( Tesla) 。 Applied to the magnet, another common unit of measurement is gaussian ( 1 tesla = 10000 gauss) 。 Ndfeb magnet is now used for magnetic resonance imaging in 0. 5 tesla's to 2. Within the range of 0 tesla, that is, from 5000 to 20000 gauss. 【 Kyodo news agency, July 1 (Reuters) 】 Japan tsukuba, ibaraki prefecture of material and material research institutions such as 1, announced the development of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging system, the strength of the magnetic field reached the highest level of global 24 tesla. According to the small make up of ndfeb magnet industry experience, the magnet is strong magnetic ndfeb basic judgment. A thumb size only neodymium iron, use comparative performance almost brand ( Material) , about 5000 gs, adsorption on the metal surface, is almost break down. And mri magnet size slightly bigger, and no more than one instrument ndfeb magnet. ( When two ndfeb magnets together, magnetic would stack) 。 Because this kind of ndfeb magnets are very strong, so if not strictly observe precautions, metal objects if was taken into scan room may become dangerous projectiles, flies out. For example, paper clips, pens, keys, scissors, hemostatic forceps, stethoscope, and any other small items could suddenly pulled out from his pocket, hands can you imagine if the nail plate, and because of magnetic force is too strong, and from pulling away out? Then after the metals from the body of high acceleration, instantaneous flew to the opening of the magnetic field ( Where the patient) , it would pose a threat to indoor everyone's safety. Role in magnetic objects will exponentially with similar objects to the ndfeb magnet. Suppose you holding a pipe wrench standing behind the magnet 4. 6 meters away. Then you may feel a slight pull ( Specific to see ndfeb magnet specification size and material) 。 Approached a few steps, tension will increase many. When go to within one meter away from ndfeb magnet, the wrench is likely to break away from you. In addition, the bigger metal quality could be more dangerous - — Because it is ndfeb magnets will be much more attractive. Mop bucket, vacuum cleaners, intravenous drip, oxygen tanks, lifted the patient's a stretcher, the heart monitor, and countless other things have been drawn into magnetic resonance imaging. Small items can usually hand down from the ndfeb magnet. Big objects you might want to use hoist towed, even need to be closed magnetic field, can say, if take metal into nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), interior is likely to be the battlefield!
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